Buy Some Books at the Book Fair and We’ll Give You a ’90s Teen Heartthrob Boyfriend to Read Them With

Reading is rewarding!

Kids that grew up during the '90s had the best of both worlds. They got to experience the years without the Internet, and then reap the benefits of technology in the later years.

During the pre-Internet period, reading was a preferred and rewarding hobby of many. There are some books every '90s kid must have read or come across at least once. The Nancy Drew series was a thrilling read, with readers being captivated by the mystery. The Goosebumps series never disappointed anyone that was looking to get spooked. 'Holes' by Louis Sachar was another crowd favorite, due to its way of explaining complex storylines in an easy-to-understand manner.

In this quiz, head to a virtual book fair and pick out a book from each category. Your choice of literature will determine which '90s male heartthrob will be reading those books with you. Did we not say reading is rewarding?

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