This May Be Shocking, But We Know Your Age Based on the Books You’ve Read

Will we nail it or get it completely wrong?

Every generation has a different approach to literature. What was considered essential reading in one generation might not necessarily be to another. With so much literature available out there, the books you've chosen to read in your lifetime leave little clues to your age that we can use to determine just how old or young you really are.

Some of the books mentioned here might be your favorites, while there are others you probably have never even heard of. This is because some books might be very popular to certain demographics yet not even scratch the surface of relevancy to another. It really is interesting to see the differing opinions on what different generations consider to be good literature. Not only will this quiz be able to determine your age based on the books you’ve read, it will hopefully give you some recommendations on new books you could try. There are some really great books mentioned on this quiz.

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This May Be Shocking, But I Know Your Age by Books You'… Quiz Questions

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