👭 This Word Association Quiz Will Determine How Good of a Friend You Are

Are you a good friend or a terrible one?

Friendships are one of the most important aspects of life. Having people who are there for you and being there for others is part of the human experience. Through the relationships we forge with others, we learn from one another, grow, and ultimately lead our best lives. So, the question then becomes, what kind of a friend are you?

There are good friends, there are bad friends, and there are several other types in between. A good friendship will improve the lives of both members. On the other hand, however, a toxic friendship serves to do the opposite. This is why it is not just important for us to choose our friends carefully but also for us to be the best friends we can possibly be to others.

By answering the questions in this quiz we will be able to determine what type of friend you are. If you are a good friend, then your friends are very lucky. If you turn out to be a terrible friend, however, perhaps you might learn some tricks on how to do better.

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This Word Association Quiz Will Reveal How Good of Friend You Are Questions

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