📱 Reply to These Texts and We’ll Reveal How Easily Annoyed You Are

How would you reply when someone texts you "K"?

Do you frequently find yourself becoming irritated when certain things happen? Do you sometimes lose your patience with others and later regret it? Do situations or triggers often set you off? Then it's entirely possible that you are an easy to annoy person.

Here's an interesting and effective way to determine if a person is more easily annoyed than others. The way you reply to text messages says much about your personality and how quickly you turn to frustration, annoyance, and even anger. These personality traits within you come out when confronted with annoying text messages. Perhaps you are someone who isn't very easy to annoy and this too will be noticeable based on how you reply to these text messages.

If you would like to find out for sure just how easily annoyed you are, pretend you have received the text messages in this quiz then choose your response to each one. We will then let you know just how easy to annoy you actually are.

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