Everyone Has a “Star Wars” Character That Matches Their Personality — Here’s Yours

May the Force be with you always.

Which Star Wars Character Are You?
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It actually took a team of scientists to calculate how many characters there are in the entire Star Wars galaxy. The answer: 21,647 as of 2016, so there are probably at least 1,000 more today. With so many characters in the endlessly mutating multiverse, it makes sense that everyone has a character from the galaxy far, far away that matches their personality. No matter what you are like, or the unique character traits which you believe only you have, there is a Star Wars character who is just like you.

Perhaps you are a headstrong rebel who would risk their life in order to ensure peace in the galaxy. On the other hand, maybe you are clouded by anger and rage like the many Star Wars characters who turn to the dark side of the Force. Or maybe you are like one of the alien inhabitant species.

Which Star Wars character are you? If you would like to find out which Star Wars character you share a personality with then take this quiz and we will let you know.

Which Star Wars Character Are You? Quiz Questions