Which Mandalorian Character Am I?

Are you like The Child?

Which Mandalorian Character Are You? Quiz

The Star Wars live-action television show The Mandalorian has captured the hearts and minds of fans all across the world. While even the canon films are torn apart by critics frequently, the Disney+ series has been largely well-received by the vast majority of reviewers. It doesn't hurt that the show's mysterious Child character so often referred to as "Baby Yoda" by fans is downright adorable.

All of us have a character from The Mandalorian that we share a personality with. Perhaps you are much like a bounty hunter who follows your own moral code strictly. On the other hand, you might be a selfish and greedy character that is also featured on the series. Then again, it's entirely possible that you are most like the cute little guy, The Child.

To find out which character from The Mandalorian you are most similar to, answer the questions in this quiz, and we will let you know.


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Which Mandalorian Character Are You? Quiz Questions