Are You Emotionally Prepared to Make Some Impossible Food Choices?

A world with no ketchup or no mayo? You decide.

Let's face it, food is a part of our everyday lives. We eat it, we look forward to our meals and we spend our hard-earned money on it. Food is there for the highs and the lows in life, and it makes everything just much better.

Food completes a celebration and brings people together. A birthday party isn't complete without the cake. Thanksgiving isn't Thanksgiving without the turkey and casserole. First dates are always better if you go out to a restaurant. Pizza and small talk could be the start to a great relationship. Whether you're getting over a breakup or just having a really bad day, remember that a tub of Ben & Jerry's always helps in every situation.

Given that food plays such an important role in our lives, how much of it are you prepared to give up---hypothetically, of course? In this quiz, pretend you have to live in a world without certain kinds of foods. What would you choose to get rid of?

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Are You Emotionally Prepared to Make Impossible Food Ch… Quiz Questions

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