Get Ready for a First Date and We’ll Tell You the Zodiac Sign of Your Soulmate

It's written in the stars.

Going on a first date may be one of the most nerve-wracking steps in a potential relationship. First impressions are everything, so every little thing you do, or don't do, may determine your future with your date. Here are some tips to help your date go as smoothly as possible.

The first tip is to set the date in an environment that is comfortable for the both of you. Be honest about what you like and dislike about the location or activity, instead of just agreeing to anything the other person wants. It may end up making you feel more awkward than you should. You should also be open-minded when going into a date. Don't compare the other party with your past relationships and expect the worst. Just be easy-going and let the conversation flow naturally.

In this quiz, you get to pick out everything about your first date, in preparation for an actual one. Choose your outfit, the time, activity, food, and even how your date looks like. Your choices will help us narrow down your search for a soulmate - we'll reveal the zodiac sign you are most compatible with!

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