This Ultimate Dairy Showdown Will Determine If You Have a Male or Female Brain

Chocolate or cheese fondue? You can only pick one.

Dairy plays a huge role in a regular person's diet, be it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even a drink. It is hard to cut it out of our diet, but some people do it due to health reasons or allergies. If you’ve also decided to cut out dairy, here are some substitutes that don't compromise on taste!

If you're craving for a creamy texture, frozen banana slices with peanut butter sandwiched between them would hit the spot without drifting from your diet. For a taste of something chocolatey, you can enjoy a chocolate pudding without using eggs or milk; avocados can achieve the same effect. You know what that would go well with? Some whipped cream on top! A dairy-free option will be whipped coconut cream, that can be made with just coconut cream, vanilla extract, and honey.

But, if you still find it difficult to remove dairy from your diet, we get it, #noshame. Live out your dairy fantasies in this ultimate showdown between two popular food items. Your final picks will help to determine if you have a female or male brain!

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