๐Ÿฅ‘ Make Some Avocado Toast and We’ll Reveal How Tall You SHOULD Be

You know your height. But how tall SHOULD you be?

In recent years, avocado toast has become the go-to dish for health nuts and avocado aficionados. With its high nutritional value and customizability, it has become synonymous with a perfect brunch dish. But is it truly healthy, or just another fad?

The dish's value came into question due to the widespread assumption that the high fat content in avocados doesn't go well with our supposedly healthy low-fat diets. However, the fats from avocado are actually the heart-healthy form. Eating the fruit, along with a moderate fat diet, helps to reduce the bad cholesterol in our bodies. The superfood also contains a multitude of vitamins and nutrients that make it an ideal spread for our morning toast.

So get creative, and start making your ideal plate of avocado toast. Feel free to go with a plain, no-frills version of this simple dish or fancy it up a notch or two. Depending on how you prepare this amazing meal, we can tell you how tall you actually should be!

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