Pretend to Order an Expensive Brunch and We’ll Reveal Whether You’re More Millionaire or Billionaire Material

Are you destined for millions or billions?

Brunch has become synonymous with Instagram-worthy meals of energy-boosting breakfast foods and scrumptious lunch dishes. If you could have the most luxurious brunch of your dreams, what would it be like?

The Belvedere in Beverly Hills serves locally sourced seafood, with its lobster-topped Yukon Gold and tarragon waffle. If you have more of an adventurous palate, you can try Asiate's Asian American take on brunch in New York City. Over there, you can have chicken and kimchi waffles, topped with a fried organic egg and chili maple syrup. Ever find yourself in dreamy Bali? Soleil offers Sunday brunch options like foie gras crème brûlée, fresh lobster tails, and Kurobuta pork belly.

In this quiz, you get to order the brunch of your dreams! Pick out any of the following gourmet dishes you'd enjoy and we'll tell you how rich you'd be - a millionaire, billionaire, or not!

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