🥯 We’re Pretty Sure We Know Your Birth Month Based on the Breakfast Foods You Choose

Rise and shine, it's time for breakfast!

I'm Sure I Know Your Birth Month by Breakfast Foods You… Quiz

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, keeping us nourished and sharp after a night of fasting. Thus the choices we make when it comes to the first meal of the day are important as well.

Some of us like to have something sweet in the morning, like a stack of pancakes drizzled with syrup or honey. Others prefer a protein-laden dish like bacon and eggs paired with a slice of buttered toast. In some parts of the world, just a piece of bread with a hot drink will suffice. But in other countries, a lavish spread of breakfast foods that fill the dining table is considered the norm.

Whether it is coffee, waffles, cereal, eggs, or sausages, the breakfast foods we choose to start our day with can reveal something about us. Go on a breakfast buffet in this quiz, and we will try to guess the month of your birthday accurately!

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  30. 🥯 Decide If These Breakfast Foods Are Overrated or Underrated, And We’ll Guess Exactly How Old You Are


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