These 15 Brain Teasers Seem Simple, But How Many Can You Solve?

Ready those brain cells.

The idea with brain teasers and various kinds of logical riddles is that the question is worded in such a way that it takes your mind in one direction when the answer is really in another. Being able to keep your mind focussed and consider all the possible scenarios and not just the information that is being emphasized is what makes a smart person so good at riddles.

You might think that the average brain teaser found on the internet or a riddle given to you by a friend is usually too easy to stump you. Well, that might be the case but getting the correct answers to all 15 of these mind boggling riddles is likely more difficult than you imagine it will be.

If you would like to prove your brain teaser solving abilities then you will want to take this quiz, answer the questions contained within and see if you can get a perfect score.

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These 15 Brain Teasers Seem Simple, But How Many Can Yo… Quiz Questions

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