🍔 Your Stance on These Classic Diner Foods Will Determine How Rich You’ll Be

Are you destined to be a millionaire or billionaire?

Diners are known for their casual laid-back atmosphere and comforting home-style cooking. Sure, the coffee in that heavy mug may not be made from organic beans, and that omelet probably wasn't made with free-range eggs. However, none of that seems to matter when all you need is a hot, tasty meal to fill the stomach.

The diner menu usually has something that appeals to everyone. We've all come to love dishes like fluffy buttermilk pancakes dripping with maple syrup, hot biscuits smothered with gravy and hearty sunny-side up breakfast for a tasty start to our day.

Maybe you're more inclined to gravitate to cheesesteak or egg salad sandwiches, fully dressed butter burgers or Southern fried chicken and fries for lunch. Perhaps you like a creamy milkshake or decadent apple pie for your dessert. Rate each dish based on how much you fancy it, and we will predict how much wealth you will accumulate in this lifetime.

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