Build Your Dream Boyband and We’ll Reward You With a Hot Rock Star Boyfriend

Who would you have in your dream boy band?

The boyband movement has been around for decades, spawning generations of screaming groupies and catchy tunes. There have been significant moments in history that have led to an influx of boybands.

Many believe The Beatles to be the pioneers. However, two years before their first live televised performance, The Osmond Brothers were already making several appearances, singing barbershop music. But they definitely did not hit the level of success The Beatles enjoyed, who were followed by shrieks from teen fangirls everywhere they went. In the following years, male vocal groups dabbled in R&B, soul, rock, and Latin music. But there was a resurgence in the boyband movement with groups releasing pop music, beginning with New Kids on the Block and lasting even till today.

In this quiz, form the fantasy band of your dreams by recruiting your favorite male musicians! You will be in charge of assembling the different vocalists and band members, right down to the songwriters and producer. At the end, you will be paired with a hot rock star boyfriend!

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