🐶 Build Your Signature Salad and We’ll Reveal Which Puppy You Should Adopt

Lettuce find out!

When you think of eating healthy food, salads are probably one of the first things you consider. However, whether your salad is actually healthy or not, it depends on the ingredients you use and the way you prepare it.

Crunchy veggies are a great addition to any salad. Their texture not only makes the meal more enjoyable but also helps you feel full at the same time. This may includes cucumber, celery, carrots, and kale. To complete your meal, a lean protein will help. This is also essential if you're trying to build or maintain muscle. We suggest chicken breast, tuna, white fish, or egg whites. Remember to have your protein in moderation too. You should generally avoid ingredients that are high in fat or lack nutritional value. This may include items like nuts, croutons, bacon, dried fruits, and cheese.

In this quiz, you get to build the salad that best represents you and your tastes. Your signature salad will reveal which breed of dog you should adopt!

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