Build an All-Star Superhero Team and We’ll Give You a Supervillain to Fight

What super power do you crave?

When watching a DC or Marvel movie, we often find ourselves in awe of the super powers of the heroes and villains on screen. If you had the job of assembling a team of superheroes, who would you choose?

Many people would pick Superman and for good reason. He can unleash an unforeseen amount of power and only has one weakness in the form of kryptonite, which isn't exactly easy for anyone to lay their hands on. Another guy who would be a welcomed addition to the team is The Flash. His comedic side may have distracted you from seeing his true potential, as he can move faster than the speed of light, travel through time, and even acquire information at the same speed. Some may consider the mightiest superhero to be the Norse God of thunder, Thor! He is an invincible, skilled warrior, who has extended control over space and time. So who will you pick?

You must now build a team with a variety of powers and abilities, as you're about to face a super badass villain. Remember to cover all bases and choose wisely!

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