Can We Guess the Food You Hate Based on the Food You Love?

Broccoli? Anchovies? Mayonnaise?

There are some foods that taste heavenly and some that we feel should belong in food hell. Ever noticed that your taste in food changes over time? It's quite normal, and there are also many reasons why we have different preferences for certain foods.

Do you share the same favorite foods as your mom? It has been proven through multiple experiments that you become more fond of certain flavors based on the food your mother ate during her pregnancy. A more natural symptom of morning sickness, which causes sodium loss in women, predisposes the kid's liking of salty foods. People who happen to be born with more tastebuds can experience more intense tastes, which makes them develop a stronger liking or dislike for certain foods.

In this quiz, pick out your favorite foods and we'll guess which dishes you hate! Whether it's broccoli, onions, or anchovies, we will try to figure that out.

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Can We Guess the Food You Hate by the Food You Love? Quiz Questions

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