Can We Guess Your Age Based on How Much Youth Slang You Know?

Are you ~down~ with the youth speak of today?

The idea of slang isn't a new idea unique to the millennials; every generation has its own set of lingo. It helps to be up to date with today's trendy terms, whether you're a youth trying to fit in, a parent ensuring his or her kid is using the right words, or just an innocent internet user trying to make sense of it all.

It's not hard; one simple slang word is "cray", which is just a lazier and cooler version of saying crazy. If you hear the young'uns saying "Gucci" and you think they're referring to the high fashion brand, you're not even close. In youth speak, "gucci" is a substitute for words like good, fine or okay. If a millennial tells you to "keep it 100" with them, they're asking you to be true to yourself and respect them by being real. So, if you think these words are cray, keep it 100 and don't use them, gucci?

Test your knowledge of more popular youth slang in this quiz! Your expertise in this area will give your age away.

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