How Well Do You Know Your Internet Slang?

Are you in with the times?

How Well Do You Know Your Internet Slang? Quiz

OMG, how excited are you for this quiz? Btw, do you even know what we're talking about? Abbreviations like the ones mentioned can be confusing to some, even though they have been widely used across social media, blogs, and even text messages from your friends. This is because conversing online is different from having the same conversation in person.

The casual nature of online chats has allowed for the introduction and evolution of simpler phrases and acronyms. The never-ending list of such slang words include 'omg', which means 'oh my gosh', and 'tbh', which means 'to be honest'. These words have become so frequently used that it has adapted into mainstream language. There are many more words and phrases that help to convey your message quicker, but how well do you know them?

Test your knowledge of commonly used slang words online. Are you in with the times, or are you outdated on your Internet knowledge? IDK, guess we're about to find out!


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How Well Do You Know Your Internet Slang? Quiz Questions