Can We Guess Your Relationship Status from the Foods You Pick?

Will we nail it or get it completely wrong?

Can I Guess Relationship Status from Foods You Pick? Quiz

If we were to ask you what your favorite food is, what comes to mind? That one food item which floats into your mind's eye right now can say a lot about the kind of partner you are in a relationship.

If you enjoy steak the most, you are very passionate and open about your feelings for the apple of your eye. If you're one of the many pizza lovers, you probably aren't the sort of person that puts in much effort in a relationship. You would rather stay in and order some takeout for you and your significant other. If you can't get enough of nachos, you want to get down and dirty in adventurous activities. You love exploring new places as a couple.

In this quiz, we will try to figure out what your current relationship status is simply based on your taste in food. Pick one item from each of the following food categories, and find out what we think!

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  1. Plan Your Meals for the Week and We’ll Guess What You Look Like
  2. 🎑 Eat Your Way Through a Carnival and We’ll Guess Your Birth Order
  3. πŸ” Build a Fast Food Mega Meal, Then We’ll Correctly Guess Your Age
  4. Can We Guess Your Age by the Food You Hate? πŸ”
  5. Can We Guess Your Favorite Color Based on the Hipster Milkshake You Create?
  6. Can We Guess Which Region of the U.S. You’re From?
  7. Rate These Food/Condiment Combos and We’ll Reveal How Old You REALLY Act
  8. Make Some Impossible “Actress Vs. Character” Choices and We’ll Guess Your Exact Age and Height
  9. 🌢 Order Whatever You Want from Nando’s and We’ll Guess Your Age and Gender
  10. πŸ” Don’t Freak Out, But We Can Guess If You’re a Millennial or Not Based on What Fast Food You Eat
  11. Try Out a Bunch of New Hobbies and I Will Guess If You’re β˜€οΈ An Early Bird or a Night Owl 🌚
  12. This Relationship Deal Breaker Test Will Tell Us How Long You’ve Been Single
  13. This Is Sorta Weird, But We Can Guess Your Age Based on the Things You Have in Your Fridge
  14. Can We Guess the Food You Hate Based on the Food You Love?
  15. Tell Us Which Celebrities With the Same Names You Prefer and We’ll Guess Your Favorite Film Genre
  16. Can We Guess Your Age Group Based on Your 🎡 Taste in Music?
  17. 🌈 Can We Guess Your Age Based on How You See Color?
  18. 🍰 Rate Some Cakes and We’ll Guess How Old You Are
  19. 🍫 Can We Guess If You’re Single from Your Taste in Chocolate?
  20. Can We Guess Which Three Foods You Love the Most?
  21. Can We Actually Guess Your Age Just by the Grown-Up Choices You Make?
  22. πŸ• Build a Dog and We’ll Guess What You Look Like
  23. πŸ• What’s Your Age Based on Your Comfort Food Choices? 🍰
  24. Decorate Your House With These Decor Trends and We’ll Guess Which Generation You’re from
  25. πŸ• Make a Dessert Pizza and We’ll Accurately Reveal Your Astrological Sign
  26. β˜€οΈ Can We Guess Your Age Based on Your Summer Experiences?
  27. We Know Your Exact Age Based on How You Rate These Common Foods
  28. Choose a Rainbow of Prom Dresses and We’ll Guess Your Generation and Zodiac Sign
  29. ✈ Choose Some Places You Want to Visit and We’ll Guess How Many Countries You’ve Traveled to
  30. Can We Guess Your Height Based on the Waffles You Make?


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Can I Guess Relationship Status from Foods You Pick? Quiz Questions