Can We Guess Which Three Foods You Hate the Most?

Can we get this right?

Can We Guess Which Three Foods You Hate the Most? Quiz

Go ahead and think of your favorite food. Is it hot, gooey cheese on some nacho chips, a meaty rack of lamb, or something else? Whatever it is, just thinking about it makes you salivate, maybe even a little hungry, right? Now think about the opposite end of the spectrum: the food you hate the most! Is it brussels sprouts, oysters, tuna, or some other unpopular food that makes you say, "Ick!" and avoid like the plague?

If you tallied up all the foods you like and dislike โ€“ and how much you like or dislike each one โ€“ you would end up with an exhaustive list that was completely and uniquely yours. Kind of like fingerprints, if your fingerprints changed over time, and were also shaped by culture and family and everything you've ever done.

Based on your taste in some dishes, as well as the way you prefer to have certain foods, we can make a guess at the three exact foods you detest most. Let us know if we got it right by sharing your results!

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