Can We Guess Your Age Based on the Life Skills You Have?

Do you know how to fold laundry?

There are some skills in life that we may not consider as important or essential. So, we don't think too much about them and go on with our lives without ever learning them. However, it's good to pick up certain life skills as you just never know when they will come in handy.

Using shortcuts on your computer's keyboard needs to be second nature for you. In a time where most of us work with computers, these keyboard shortcuts help you work more efficiently, and they are especially useful when you are short of time. You should also learn the lost art of sewing, just so you can mend your clothes! If a button pops off or there's a sudden rip on your clothes, you can save yourself from a fashion faux pas by mending it back together.

In this quiz, assess yourself and gauge how adept you are at certain tasks. Your proficiency in these select skills will help us guess how old you actually are!

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Can We Guess Your Age Based on the Life Skills You Have? Quiz Questions

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