Can We Guess Your Age Based on the Outdated Skills You Know?

Have you ever even USED a floppy disk?

When we were younger, we had to learn certain skills to adapt to the environment we were in. As we go through the years, we may find that some of the things that we interacted with at one point become obsolete with the development of new inventions. We have to learn how to use the latest creations and the skills we have then become useless. All we can do is feel nostalgic about them.

In the days before the Internet, we found ways to pass time, like playing board games and reading. After we took photos with a film camera, we had to then drop the film off at the store to get them developed. Some of us even wrote to penpals around the world and that was our way of learning more about people from different cultures. Do you remember doing some of these things?

In this quiz, let's see if you have any of these outdated skills. Based on your answers, we can guess your age accurately!

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Can We Guess Your Age by the Outdated Skills You Know? Quiz Questions

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