👗 Design a Fancy Gown and We’ll Guess Your Age and Height

What would you wear for your princess moment?

Have you ever dreamt of living out a beautiful fairy tale for real? The ones wherein an unlikely situation, a handsome Prince Charming falls in love with you and you live happily ever after as a princess? Well, what do fairy tale princesses wear, all the time, it seems? Gowns, of course!

Picture yourself as a princess attending a fancy ball in a beautiful, floor-sweeping dress. As you stand at the top of the curved staircase in a grand castle, the star-studded crowd turns to look at you in awe and envy. What would your dress look like? Will it have huge puffy sleeves, and an endless train that trails behind you as you walk in your dainty glass slippers?

Design a gorgeous ball gown that is worthy for your princess moment and we will give you an accurate guess of your age and height.

Now all you need is a fairy godmother to conjure up a carriage to ride in style for your big night out!


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