🛍 Go Shopping for Some Random Stuff and We’ll Guess Your Zodiac Sign With 100% Accuracy

What do we see in the stars?

Some of us believe that we can analyze a person's characteristics based on the day of the year he was born. There may be more general descriptions of love, personality, and fortune in the horoscopes. But did you know that your spending habits can be defined by your zodiac sign too?

People born under the Aries sign see money as a means to get whatever they want. They may be easily tempted by infomercials on new and "life-changing" products. Taurus focuses on things that fulfill the balance of quality and quantity, be it goods or experiences. Cancerians tend to be selfless with money, choosing to spend it on the home and family. Even when they pay themselves some much-needed attention, they feel guilty. Leos will splurge on the best things, and nothing less.

What kind of spender are you? In this quiz, buy a bunch of random things that you like! Your virtual shopping spree will help us guess your zodiac sign accurately!

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