Choose a Rainbow of Prom Dresses and We’ll Guess Your Generation and Zodiac Sign

Which color are you?

Prom is a milestone in many young people's lives. It marks a point between childhood and adulthood, and acts as a person's last major celebration before leaving school. For an event of this magnitude, everyone wants to look their best. Guys have limited choices when it comes to tuxedos, but for girls, you may need some help in picking the right dress!

You should start your dress shopping pretty early, just so that you have options to fall back on, in case something doesn't go your way. When you do go shopping for the dress, wear some heels, so that you know how the dress falls on the actual day. You don't want it to be an awkward length, do you?

In this quiz, you get to go through a wide range of prom dresses, organized according to their colors. Pick one or two dresses, or none at all, that you'd wear to the biggest event of the school year. Your picks will help us determine what generation you're from and what your star sign is!

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