Can You Name More Than 12/15 of These French Foods?

Macaron or macaroon?

France is a tourist hotspot, mainly for its wonderful sights and sounds, and obviously, its incredible array of authentic food. French cuisine has earned a reputation for using the finest ingredients to create dishes suitable for both a comfort meal or a luxurious one. If you're ever in the country, here are some must-try items!

Many may be afraid to taste foie gras after learning what it actually is - duck or goose liver. However, the luxury ingredient makes for a great appetizer, especially when eaten on a piece of brioche. The hesitation you feel for this delicacy is probably the same for eating escargot, or snails. Yes, the local dish may seem daunting, but when cooked in a butter parsley cream, it is something you have to try at least once!

In this quiz, you need to identify some common French foods just based on a picture! Try to pick out the correct name of the dish to see how much you know about French cuisine. Can you name more than 12 correctly?

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Can You Name More Than 12/15 of These French Foods? Quiz Questions

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