🥖 Eat Your Way Through Paris and We’ll Reveal Your Next Holiday Destination

What would you eat in the City of Lights?

Paris, France is at the top of many people's bucket list of holiday destinations. Most would want to go there to visit the famous Eiffel Tower or do some luxury shopping, but French cuisine itself can be a star attraction too. The city offers multiple dining options for any budget.

Steak frites may seem like a simple dish, but locals line up to grab a plate of perfectly done steak and fries. You could also get roast chicken with the fries instead, depending on your preferences. A freshly-made crepe would hit the spot no matter what time of day it is. It's up to you to have a savory crepe or a sweet one - they're both so good!

In this quiz, plan out your gastronomic journey through the City of Lights. Choose the dishes and meals that look the most appetizing to you and we will tell you which place you should definitely holiday in next!

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