ğŸŒž Design Your Dream Bedroom and We’ll Guess If You’re a Morning or Night Person 🌚

Are you more likely to go to sleep or wake up at 4am?

When designing your bedroom, many of us try to make it as cozy and conducive for sleep as we can. Here are some tips for you that would make your bedroom comfy and stylish.

You might think one overhead light is enough in a room which is usually kept dark. However, adding options of different light levels may help you achieve a better setting. This includes a bedside lamp, night light, or even a chandelier. If you were thinking of putting up many photos and art pieces, you might want to reconsider. Putting up just one statement piece makes your room look sophisticated. Another tip is to add some flowers to wake up to, be it on the nightstand or your windowsill. Fresh flowers will surely brighten up your day.

Pick out everything you'd want in your dream bedroom, from the wall colors to the rug on the floor. Your choices will help us tell if you're a morning person or a night person!

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