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If You’ve Eaten 11/21 of These Foods, Then You’re Definitely a Hipster

Are you more hipster or basic?
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In recent years, hipsters have created a foodie lifestyle that can be bewildering, head-spinning, and at times stomach-turning.

On Instagram, a coalition of food nerds – not just chefs, but (amateur) bakers, baristas, brewers and artisan producers – are generating a creative frenzy of new ideas and potential break-out trends. It is colorful. It is exciting. The ideas are often ludicrous. Yet the hipster's appetite for the new is currently insatiable. The question is: are you one yourself?

Do you regularly drink turmeric latte, sip on rosé and munch on sushirittos? Do you eat fluffy egg whites for breakfast, snack on chicken in a cone and soak chia seeds in your overnight oats? Whether it's a fusion of your favorite desserts, a vegetable pretending to be another vegetable, or a meal mash-up of different dishes across cuisines, here are some of the most hipster foods right now. If you've eaten more than half of them, well, you might just be a hipster.

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