๐Ÿง€ If You’ve Eaten 14/27 of These Foods, You’re a Cheese Addict

How cheesy are you?

If you ask people what their favorite food is, cheese will no doubt come up again and again. Maybe it's because there are so many varieties to suit your unique palate preferences, or perhaps it's because it goes well with pretty much everything.

Sandwiches? Yes. Chocolate? You bet. Fruit? Definitely. Burgers? Yep. By itself, as a spread, or a dip for nachos and various fried things? YES!

Many of us also say "I'm addicted to cheese" and "I can't live without it". Well, people say that the first step to recovery from an addiction is admitting that you have a problem. So, we've created a quiz for the cheese-obsessed to find out once and for all if you in fact have an addiction to cheese. Check off all the cheese foods you have ever had in this quiz. if you've had at least 14 of them, then yes, you're a cheese addict.

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