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Can We Guess Your Age Based on Whether You’ve Tried These Foods?

Have you ever had caviar?
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When you were a kid, you probably didn't have the luxury of being an adventurous eater. Instead, you had to scarf down whatever food your parents had prepared. But when you grow up and become in control of your eating habits, you get to experience new cuisines and dishes. With this new found independence, there are some dishes you should try at least once.

Get a taste of razor clams, with tubular-shaped shells instead of the common heart-shaped ones. Even if you're not a big fan of seafood, trying this meatier option just once may convert you. If you're in for a health kick, you should pick up some goji berries. This superfood can be eaten on its own or in a baked item. When you are able to afford food of a finer quality, you should go for something with truffle. This luxurious mushroom adds another dimension of flavor to any food.

In this quiz, let's see if you have tried the following foods! Your foodie experience will reveal your actual age.

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Can We Guess Your Age by Whether You've Tried Foods? Quiz Questions

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