๐ŸŽก Eat Your Way Through a Carnival and We’ll Guess Your Birth Order

Your cravings will reveal it all.

When you head to a carnival, you can expect to enjoy a variety of fun and thrilling rides, picturesque settings, and friendly vendors. But what most people anticipate on a trip to the funfair is tasting the different food available!

A carnival classic has to be funnel cake. Did you ever think that deep-frying dough poured through a funnel and serving it with powdered sugar would taste so good? If you love that, then you must try a corn dog. A hot dog is first battered in corn flour before being deep-fried and can be eaten with basic condiments or on its own. If you want something sweeter, a candy apple is a way to go. Eating a whole apple covered in a hard sugar coating will please your sweet tooth.

In this quiz, tell us if you'd eat these common carnival foods. Your opinions on these fun treats will help us guess which child you are in your family!

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