Your Choice on the Superior Version of These Foods Will Reveal Your Age

Let's fight about whether fries or chips are better.

Preferences for food in society change over time and are different in various regions across the globe. Nonetheless, there are some universal truths about food that never change. For instance, chocolate has always been considered delicious regardless of time and place. How chocolate is served may differ amongst generations. Every few years we change up how we like to eat, serve, and prepare certain foods, even ones that are timeless, like chocolate.

Your food choices drop little clues about what time period you grew up in and what your age is. This is not quite an exact science, we do note. You may have developed unique food preferences throughout your life. Some foods were more popular at certain times, and this will likely have influenced what you like to eat. It will also help us determine your age based only on your food preferences. Pretty neat, huh? If you would like us to guess your age, then go ahead and take this quiz.

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