Eat at an Endless Buffet and We’ll Guess Your Age and Gender

The only limit is your stomach.

The concept of buffets is a food lover's paradise - eating as much food as you can in one sitting for just one payment. Although it sounds like a great idea, we tend to overeat and end up feeling stuffed midway through a buffet. So how do you navigate through a buffet without overindulging but still leave with a feeling of satisfaction?

When you first pick up a plate at the buffet, you may be tempted to get a serving of the first food that catches your fancy. However, you should walk around and check out all the dishes on display. After which, you can prioritize and grab your absolute favorites first. However, remember to get just one serving so that you can enjoy the best dishes without feeling too full!

In this quiz, tell us if you'd eat each dish that we present you at our virtual buffet. Your choice of foods will help us guess your age and gender!

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