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๐Ÿ• Can We Guess Your Age and Gender by Your Pizza Order?

Your taste in pizza says everything about you!
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Since its inception, the humble pizza has evolved into a worldwide delicacy. The term 'pizza' was first coined in the 10th century for a flatbread with tomato sauce and cheese. Modern pizza was invented in Naples, Campania, Southern Italy. It came in only two forms – Margherita, a form of cheese pizza with tomato sauce, and Marinara, which is basically tomato sauce on a plain pizza base. These days, different renditions of the food have been created by many people, with even chocolate pizzas finding their way to our dining table!

Did you know that the most popular pizza topping in America is pepperoni? Would that be your ingredient of choice, or do you have other toppings in mind? You know exactly what you want on your pizza, and it's time to put that to the test!

Build your own pizza using the various ingredients and customizations we offer in this quiz, and we will guess your age and gender based on your taste preferences. Go ahead and enjoy your virtual pie!

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๐Ÿ• Can We Guess Your Age and Gender by Your Pizza Order? Quiz Questions

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