Plan Your Meals for the Week and We’ll Guess What You Look Like

You ~are~ what you eat.

If you're looking to have a healthier diet or save some money when it comes to making food, meal planning will go a long way. Although you may have to spend some time on the brainstorming, there are very worthwhile benefits.

Planning meals ahead means you can modify them according to the diet you're on or the nutrients you need. Based on your dietary requirements, you can even figure out how to add variety to your meals. With better organization you will know exactly what ingredients you need, which makes grocery shopping a breeze. Buying the correct ingredients in the planned amounts will help reduce food wastage too. All of these benefits mean one thing for you - less stress for sure!

Start planning for all your meals in the coming week. Choose the dishes you'd prefer to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, from Monday to Friday. Your choices will help us guess how you look like!

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