🥩 Can You Grab the Correct Ingredients to Make This Recipe?

Time to separate the noob cooks from the masterchefs.

When preparing to cook a meal, shopping for groceries may seem a simple, mundane task. However, it can get confusing when you can't differentiate between similar looking ingredients.

If a date and a prune were placed in front of you, would you know how to tell them apart? The easiest way to identify them is the difference in color. Dates usually have a lighter brown shade than prunes. You should also remember that dates are oblong-shaped. Another tough combination is cucumbers and zucchinis. It helps to remember that zucchinis have a rough and dry exterior, whereas cucumbers have a waxy and smooth surface, and are also bumpier than their sweet counterpart. Finally, can you tell the difference between cilantro and parsley? Just remember that cilantro leaves are curved while parsleys' are pointy.

Test your knowledge of what different ingredients look like and what they can be used to make in this fun cooking quiz!

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Can You Grab Correct Ingredients to Make This Recipe? Quiz Questions

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