🍕 Make a Dessert Pizza and We’ll Accurately Reveal Your Astrological Sign

It's the best of both worlds.

Dessert pizzas have been gaining a lot of attention among foodies recently, mostly because of how peculiar the sweet and savory food pairing seems. Is pizza ever meant to be a dessert? Well, it can be a great treat for anyone looking for one. Why, you ask? Here are some reasons you should enjoy this fusion dish.

Pizza has long been a staple food after a night out with some drinks. This means that the food will never judge you, even after seeing you at your worst, providing you with some much-needed comfort at such a low point. It's also an affordable but delicious option for anyone looking for the best of both worlds.

In this quiz, you get to gain all these benefits by creating your dream version of a dessert pizza. Build the dish from its base all the way to its toppings. Every item you choose will help us accurately guess what your astrological sign is!

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