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Eat an Italian Feast and We’ll Reveal Your Dream Italian Vacation

*clutches heart while stomach rumbles*
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It is many travelers' dream to be able to vacation in beautiful Italy. Have you thought of what you should eat once you get there? After all, Italian cuisine is pretty expansive and extensive. Here are some must-try Italian dishes you should spend your hard-earned money on to get a taste of the rich culture.

When in Italy, you definitely must go for some fresh pasta (obviously)! How about getting a plate with clams and hot Italian sausage, guaranteed to satisfy any savory food lover? Top it off with a hearty soup: pasta e fagioli, where pasta and beans work together extremely well.

In this quiz, you get to pick out the Italian dishes that seem the most appetizing to you. You may be unfamiliar with some of them as they are truly authentic Italian food. Not to worry! Just focus on choosing something that looks good to you, and we'll reveal your dream Italian vacation!

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Eat an Italian Feast to Know Your Italian Vacation Quiz Questions

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