🍅 Ketchup-ify These Foods and We’ll Reveal What People Like LEAST About You

How much ketchup would you put on your pizza?

Everybody loves tomato ketchup. Well, everyone except perhaps people from Chicago (they hate it on hot dogs, apparently). The rest of us drizzle ketchup over our comfort foods like it's ever going to go out of style.

Tomato ketchup is without all reasonable doubt the best condiment, although mayonnaise holds the number one sales spot, apparently. Lord knows why, ketchup is obviously the better choice.

Ketchup started out as a fish sauce, before transforming into a staple we slap on junk food. Along the way we've forgotten just how versatile a foodstuff ketchup is; ketchup is a great sauce to have in the kitchen with a range of creative and strange uses.

All of us have our unique ketchup habits when it comes to how much sauce to put on various dishes. Decide how much ketchup you would slather onto the following foods. Your saucy habits will determine the quality that others hate most about you. Are you ready to hear the truth?

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