If You Eat 17/33 of These Foods With Mustard, You Are GROSS

Do you have a normal relationship with mustard?

There's just nothing that hits the savory spot (or your nose) quite like mustard. It's a flavor so distinctive that it's immediately detectable in nearly anything it touches.

Mustard can highlight many dishes. In most cases all you need is a spoonful (or a bowlful of it) to add some tangy flavor to recipes. Beyond that mustard is also a helper in the kitchenโ€”it can emulsify a vinaigrette and thicken a stew.

When you look at a bottle of mustard, what do you really see? That it's just a condiment for hot dogs and burgers, right? Here are some creative ways that mustard lovers have put the hot, creamy, and super sharp flavor of the yellow condiment to use. How many of these foods have youโ€”or would youโ€”put mustard on? While you shouldn't have any qualms about putting the sinus-clearing stuff on everything, sometimes you've got to rein it in before it gets too gross.

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If You Eat 17 of These Foods With Mustard, You Are GROSS Quiz Questions

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