🌭 Build a Saucy Hot Dog and We’ll Give You a Celebrity Beefcake to Marry

Will you be marrying The Rock?

Build Saucy Hot Dog & I'll Give You Celebrity Beefcake … Quiz

Hot dogs are known for being the perfect game time snack and an essential American food. Everyone has their own idea of the best toppings for the dish. Some may stick to the classic items, but if you're in the mood for something new, read on to find out unique toppings you may like.

Many may not think that potato chips would work on a hot dog, but sprinkling on some crushed chips will give the dish some crunch. This can also be achieved with popcorn. Mango salsa may not be the first topping you think of when it comes to a hot dog, but this condiment lends a summery feel and a refreshing taste profile. If you're not a fan of hot dog buns, you could try swapping them with lettuce, tortilla, or even, ramen noodles!

In this quiz, you get to use your creative juices to build your ideal hot dog. Feel free to be as specific as you want about the kind of sauces, condiments, and toppings you would choose, and based on your final dish, we'll tell you which celebrity beefcake you should be marrying!

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