Could You Survive Culinary School? ๐Ÿณ

Do you have the chops to graduate?

Cooking has evolved from a necessary daily activity to a fine art. Many people may be comfortable with cooking the same few dishes over and over, while some others like to learn new techniques and evolve their cooking ability. Regardless of how good you are at cooking, there are some terms you may not be familiar with.

There is a term used in cooking that literally means "burnt onion": oignon brule. It refers to a half-peeled onion seared on a skillet. Have you tried one before? If you make stock from bones, and then reuse the same bones to make a second stock, the weaker stock is known as a remouillage.

In this quiz, test your culinary knowledge and see if you have the chops to graduate a cooking school! We have questions lined up on different dishes, techniques, and equipment used in the culinary arts. Match the terms to the correct definitions and we'll tell you how well you'll do!

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Could You Survive Culinary School? ๐Ÿณ Quiz Questions

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