What Ice Cream Flavor Are You? 🍨 Create a Giant Sundae to Find Out

Get the inside scoop on which flavor you are!

What Ice Cream Flavor Are You?
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Have you ever spent a hot summer day just trying out different ice cream flavors at the ice cream parlor? Eventually, you had to stick with your favorite one and treat yourself to a big icy cone, right? Did you pick cookies and cream or a cup of chocolate drizzled with hot fudge on top? The truth is most people have one ice cream flavor they really like and this should be your ice cream personality.

What your favorite ice cream says about you is just one in the million personality tests we take. And for today that's all you need to do! Just build your very own giant sundae, choose your desired ice cream flavors out of the ones listed, load it up with swirls and mix-ins, and we'll reveal what your true ice cream personality is! And don't forget to state your flavor in the comments below.

Ready? Let's get creating!

What Ice Cream Flavor Are You? Quiz Questions