Would You Rather: 🍨 Normal or πŸ₯“ Weird Ice Cream Edition

Vanilla or bacon ice cream? Your choice.

Would You Rather! 🍨 Normal or πŸ₯“ Weird Ice Cream Edition Quiz

Turns out that when it comes to ice cream, there are no limits to the creations that people can come up with. Many of the unusual taste combinations of the frozen creamy dessert you'll see in this quiz are likely to surprise, amaze or even shock you. Granted, there are some concoctions that work unexpectedly well, such as balsamic strawberry or even maple bacon. But then again there are just as questionable ice cream flavors that will have most people doing a double take (blue cheese, vanilla topped with fried Chicken McNuggets, wasabi, and turmeric ginger-flavored ice cream, anyone?).

So check out this quiz in which we pit regular ice cream flavors against more outrageous ones. Which flavor would you choose over the other to sink your dessert spoon into? Tantalize your taste buds in this delicious quiz, and don't be surprised if you find yourself craving the cool stuff by the end of it.


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Would You Rather! 🍨 Normal or πŸ₯“ Weird Ice Cream Edition Quiz Questions