🍳 We’ll Reveal How Good You Are at Cooking Based on What You Can Make from Scratch

Are you a cooking novice or a culinary genius?

No matter how convenient it is to head down to your local grocery store and buy some food items, you would save so much money and gain more nutrition from making your own meal in the comfort of your kitchen.

Most people aren't professionally trained in the culinary arts, so it's understandably difficult to cook certain dishes from scratch. That's why many home cooks follow recipes to make their favorite food. One of the more popular items to cook at home is pasta. Cooking amateurs may use store-bought pasta, but skilled cooks can make fresh pasta from dough and prepare the sauce from raw ingredients.

If you want to know how good you are at cooking, here's a quiz that will answer that once and for all. Simply state whether you are able to make the following dishes from scratch or with a recipe, and we will reveal your level of culinary ability.

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