🍜 Build a Delicious Ramen Bowl and We’ll Guess Which Country You’re from

It's all in good taste.

Some of us think of ramen as the delicious and quick meal of instant noodles in a cup. And if that's the only sort of ramen you've had, boy are you missing out. In the traditional Japanese dish, wheat noodles are served in a meat-based broth, which is flavored with soy sauce, and topped off with dried seaweed and sliced pork.

Now, people have taken the tasty and aromatic dish to another level by changing up each and every part of the dish. For the noodles, you can choose between thin soba or thick udon. The broth can be fish or vegetable-based, then flavored with things like miso or just sea salt. And we haven't even gotten to the toppings and main ingredients. Snow crab ramen, anyone?

If this is making you hungry, then let's spend some time customizing your own virtual bowl of hot, delicious ramen. Get creative and add whatever condiments and toppings to complete the ramen bowl of your dreams. Based on your culinary prowess and final creation, we can actually guess the country you call home!

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