🤔 What Do These Emojis Actually Mean?

You use them every day, but are you using them correctly?

With the advent of smartphones and texting, a cool and efficient way of conveying a message is through emojis. Did you know that any link between the words "emoji", "emoticon", and "emotion" is purely coincidental? The word "emoji" actually comes from the Japanese "e" (meaning "picture") and "moji" (meaning "character").

We use these cute little pictures to tell the recipient of our message how we feel exactly when we can't explain it better through words. But sometimes people have different interpretations of the same emoji. This is the case when it comes to the emoji of a girl raising her left arm with the hand adjacent to it 💁‍♀️. Many people assume that she is flipping her hair and use this emoji to convey sassiness. However, it was created to represent a helpful information desk person! Sometimes, using emojis can cause misunderstandings when people use the same smiley differently.

To prevent any further confusion, we created this quiz to help you step up your emoji game. Try to choose the original intended meaning of each of these popular emojis and see if you know their actual meanings!

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